I’m back home. Well, back at Mom’s house in Los Altos after spending a month on the road. It was a gorgeous day in the Bay Area yesterday. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The sky was sunny, it was warm, and a steady wind was blowing the blossoms like snow all over my shorts, tshirt, and sandals as I was unpacking my car.

I started reading Warren Buffet’s annual report. I read about Jeff Bezos’ 10 billion dollar climate fund. I read about Utah’s Great Salt Lake and lake-effect snow. Bernie Sanders has been dominating the primary elections and won Nevada yesterday by a landslide.

If I had timed it better, I think I could have caught a Bernie rally in Nevada. I am not a fan of his policies regarding taxes, but I do appreciate (which I appreciated about Trump) the way the internet is affecting our democracy and seemingly giving people and grassroots political efforts much more impact. I would have definitely visited a rally if I had the chance because I bet it’s one hell of a party and a good way to meet cool idealistic women. It would love to grab a sticker too!

Speaking of stickers, I put some new travel stickers on my cooler. It’s become a tradition when I get home from a trip. Reviewing my sticker haul and placing a few either favorite or appropriately sized stickers on the ongoing Yeti collection. I chose my Yeti cooler as the home to my favorite stickers because the thing is built like a tank. It will probably outlive me and dressing it up with stickers, I hope, will make it less enticing to thieves.

Mom and I went to Casa Lupe for margaritas and Mexican food. We both caught a little buzz from the extra-strong ritas they serve. Jamie is still in a baking phase, so I came home and feasted on a variety of week-old cakes, frosting, chocolate ganache, and homemade jam; then immediately felt guilty about it.

I went from a pretty sedentary existence to hiking and snowboarding 5 days a week. I wasn’t eating clean on my road trip, but I was sticking to mostly one meal per day. I was excited to come home and see the end-of-summer weight I put on had melted away. Instead, while I definitely feel more tone and muscular, I was only down a pound or two from where I started.

I’m continuing to be conscious of working to generate some new healthy routines. Journaling, being more active, and stretching are the three current focuses. Oh, also I want to take at least one picture each day to add to these journals.

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