My original thinking was that I would come out to WordCamp Miami 2018 a bit early and have a relaxing beach to set up and do some work.

I had no idea my trip was smack in the middle of spring break. This trip brought me back to 90s MTV spring break specials. One of my favorite overheard quotes was, “I’ve never seen more bare asses in my life.” It’s true!

Miami was a beautiful city. Great people. Great food. Lots of new flavors, sights, and sounds. In part one, I am covering the “work-cation” part of the trip. Next week, I am going to share my time at WordCamp.

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    1. Thanks, Patte! Really appreciate the comment. 🙂

      I picked up an off-brand action camera and a waterproof housing. It’s a Xiaomi 4k camera..same brand as my 360 camera. They’re pretty solid for a not-name-brand imo.

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