Yesterday was uninspiring, I guess. All of three days into daily journaling and it feels like today is the first day where I am having to force it. I’ve been trying to get into the habit of writing about the day before with my cup of coffee each morning.

Chrissy came over yesterday. She was going to a movie in the evening with a friend, but she hung out at Miranda during the day.

I got the oil changed in my car. The car had been making some odd noises and the oil change seemed to eliminate all of them. It’s officially ready to go for our trip to Yosemite tomorrow. The guys are flying in in the early afternoon and we’re hitting the road to head to the Pines Resort on Bass Lake.

There are a few articles making rounds in the WordPress world about MAGA hats and WordCamps. I spent some time thinking about it yesterday. Part of me wants to comment on it and part of me doesn’t. The WordPress community is predominately left-leaning and that was one of the things that attracted me to it in the first place. As a community, a lot of time and effort goes into making WordPress as accessible as we possibly can. I find it mind-boggling that despite all that, some folks are arguing to disallow others from attending WordCamps based on their political preference. It seems like a major regression to me.

The stock market was tanking yesterday, so I picked up some Tesla and added to my Apple position. I think today I will put some more cash in Wealthfront. I have still been eyeing houses in Lake Tahoe, so I want to keep some cash around for a potential down payment.

I went to Sumika for dinner. I’ve done this a few times now and I think it’s going to be a new tradition for me when I am in Los Altos. Walk to Sumika, sit at the bar, then proceed to drink an entire bottle of Sake and gorge on Yakitori, rice, and salad. It’s an upscale restaurant so there is always an interesting crowd there. From early “I want to impress you” style dates, to high-power business meetings, to “crazy rich Asian” family dinners. It’s one of my favorite places!

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