I've been SO excited to tell this story for weeks now, but I had to wait for a few of the pieces to come together…

In what feels like a past life these days, several years ago I was doing a bunch of traveling and taking a bunch of photos. I uploaded all my favorite photos to a website called Unsplash and essentially gave them away to anyone that wanted to use them for designs or whatnot.

One of the highlights of my travels was doing a group photography trip to Japan with a company called Moment. I made great friends and had the opportunity to experiment with a lot of different photography styles that I otherwise wouldn't have been comfortable with – mainly street photography and candid portraits.

A couple of weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to be tagged on an Instagram post of an amazing painting that was based on one of the photos I took in Japan! The artist's name is Jasmin Dobrovsky and she is based in Austria.

I was blown away with the painting and, after a night of thinking about it, decided to buy it and worked with Jasmin to have it shipped across the world.

It finally arrived and is now hanging on my wall!!

I could hardly wait to share the story and give plugs to the people that made it happen. Thanks a ton to Jasmin for capturing a moment from my life with her unique talent and perspective. Shoot her a follow on Instagram and know that she's got experience shipping overseas if any of her pieces catch your eye!

Also, big ups to Moment and Unsplash as well.


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